Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cheep Cheep

A couple months ago I started mentioning the idea of starting a garden. We have the perfect side yard for one. I've just never considered myself a "gardener" and the thought of having one was foreign. But, I started to realize the importance of being self-reliant, or at least knowing how to be if needed, so its time I get to work. (And when I say "I", I mean "we," as in Michael and I, because, I'm kind of worthless without him ;)

It was too late into the start of summer to begin planting, so Mike and my brother got the side yard ready with some nice rows. We're going to start getting the dirt ready for planting. I can't remember how I happened upon the idea, but one day I wanted to get some chickens. Just a couple, for fresh eggs, to keep the garden clean and fertilized, a good pet for kids to learn responsibility, but easy enough they don't have to take up much time or money. 
And hence, we got some chicks to start raising and in a few months will deliver us eggs!

My beautiful Ameraucana - Rowan - Lead Chick
The bigger of my 2 Barred Rocks - she has the most sparkly eyes
My little Rhode Island Red - Little Ann - she's the calm one
Rowan leading the way around the yard, she keeps lookout
These little chicks are so funny and already have very different personalities. I love it! My rocks and red will lay big, brown eggs and my Ameraucana will lay blue-ish eggs! At first I thought blue eggs would be too weird, but suddenly I HAD to have one! And she's such a beautiful, lively chick. 
My grandpa Garner lived on a farm almost his whole life and raised lots and lots of chickens. He graciously built us the most awesome chicken coop! Just got it yesterday. We'll probably paint it. Maybe electric blue.

The right here. 
I love this grandpa of mine! He's got skills. You have no idea.
He's our "we don't know how to fix this random problem in
our house" fixer. He can do everything. Who needs
Superman when you've got this guy?
Rowan still keeping lookout, and aren't their
big, fluffy, egg warming bootys adorable!?!

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