Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cheep Cheep

A couple months ago I started mentioning the idea of starting a garden. We have the perfect side yard for one. I've just never considered myself a "gardener" and the thought of having one was foreign. But, I started to realize the importance of being self-reliant, or at least knowing how to be if needed, so its time I get to work. (And when I say "I", I mean "we," as in Michael and I, because, I'm kind of worthless without him ;)

It was too late into the start of summer to begin planting, so Mike and my brother got the side yard ready with some nice rows. We're going to start getting the dirt ready for planting. I can't remember how I happened upon the idea, but one day I wanted to get some chickens. Just a couple, for fresh eggs, to keep the garden clean and fertilized, a good pet for kids to learn responsibility, but easy enough they don't have to take up much time or money. 
And hence, we got some chicks to start raising and in a few months will deliver us eggs!

My beautiful Ameraucana - Rowan - Lead Chick
The bigger of my 2 Barred Rocks - she has the most sparkly eyes
My little Rhode Island Red - Little Ann - she's the calm one
Rowan leading the way around the yard, she keeps lookout
These little chicks are so funny and already have very different personalities. I love it! My rocks and red will lay big, brown eggs and my Ameraucana will lay blue-ish eggs! At first I thought blue eggs would be too weird, but suddenly I HAD to have one! And she's such a beautiful, lively chick. 
My grandpa Garner lived on a farm almost his whole life and raised lots and lots of chickens. He graciously built us the most awesome chicken coop! Just got it yesterday. We'll probably paint it. Maybe electric blue.

The right here. 
I love this grandpa of mine! He's got skills. You have no idea.
He's our "we don't know how to fix this random problem in
our house" fixer. He can do everything. Who needs
Superman when you've got this guy?
Rowan still keeping lookout, and aren't their
big, fluffy, egg warming bootys adorable!?!

Saturday, June 30, 2012


When most people find out I have both a toddler, and a pool, they get this worried look on their face. When it becomes known that I also don't have a fence around my pool, they gasp as though they're in a horror movie. While I understand their concern, it gets kind of old. Trust me, NO ONE fears more for my child's safety than I do. With that said, can I say how much I LOVE having a pool?!?!

As soon as it warm enough, we get in almost every single day. Pearson and I sometimes twice a day. He loves it. It makes him nice and tired for naps and bedtime and gives him a good appetite! While it takes effort to help them not fear the water AND to respect the danger at the same time, it is possible. Even with this CRAZY munchkin!

He thinks that diving board is the greatest invention known to his world. And don't try and stop him before he's had at least 15 jumps in or you'll get a melt down!

He can't get enough of the water. We have to force him to rest after swimming back and forth between us and the stairs dozens upon dozens of times. He just doesn't stop!

His next favorite thing when his tube isn't around and when mommy is tired of ferrying him around, is to sit with the hose and spray himself and anyone in reach.
I love watching this little guy grow and start swimming on his own!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To start us off...

I know. It's been a while. Like, 2 years a while. But, I feel the need to get back into blogging as I feel my mind is unraveling like a loose thread of yarn. Thank you, pregnancy... I don't want to forget things and I'm not very good at writing in a journal. So, here we go. Again :)
To start things off, I caught Pearson doing something absurd in the bath/shower this evening. He gets a bath/shower because he likes playing with the water from the shower head that comes off that he can hold himself. I keep water in the bath so he doesn't get cold. He gets the best of both worlds. Spoiled.

Our shower head, to be exact. I really love it. It makes for an awesome shower but is great to click the center out when you need to hose off dirty kids. Pearson likes to hose himself off too, play with the water, spray the walls and curtain. But, I caught him hosing off his "hose," if you know what I mean. Continuously. The path to boyhood begins. Oi.

His ever inherent boy-ness makes itself known in another way. He LOVES girls. Yea. Already. It's looking like he's gonna be his daddy's son through and through. When playing at the park or wherever, he pays little to no attention to boys who cross his path. But... when a little girl comes along, he's got all eyes for her! He'll watch, follow, giggle with, and attempt to show off for the little ladies. I want to curse that it already begins, but I guess some small part of me is grateful that he shows interest in girls, and not boys.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pearson Michael Sackett

Here is my baby! Pearson was born on July 12 at 6:58 PM. He was 8 lbs 7 oz and 21 inches long.
He had a tough time getting out but he came out with hair! Lots of it and stark blonde!
Luckily that cone head of his has gone down.
Lookin out at me in the hospital...
Bundled and Beautiful...
Daddy showing him off on Skype...
Long fingers and toes! So glad he got Michaels hands and feet and not mine!

We are so grateful he came out healthy and my own recovery is going well. He is the best baby in the whole world. He hardly ever cries, he eats well enough, and still sleeps the majority of the time, and at night! Michael and I are adjusting well and love being a mommy and daddy! He is most precious!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Love from the Sun

I wish I could tell ya'll I've been like this this weekend...but that'd be a downright lie and I could go you know where for that.

This is probably a little more accurate representation of how I'm feeling. Like somewhat of a beached whale.
Or Randy from a Christmas Story....getting out of bed in the morning is so reminiscent of this poor sap flailing on the ground whining "I caaan't get uuup!"

This is what I'm actually looking like. Most of you are probably scoffing and thinking that's nothing. And I do know you're right. I'm not half as large as I potentially could be. As a first timer I'm trying to embrace this pregnant body of mine, but it does not help one indulge in feeling sexy. Who doesn't like to feel sexy every once in a while?

The sun is finally shining warm enough that my pool is bearable to be in. I decided my body needs a little Love from the Sun and maybe getting some color will help me feel the tiniest bit desirable.

I feel that pregnant women would come out with the same result. This pregnant girl would anyway. Here is to a happy sunbathing summer!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The day suits the mood. a rainy one. I'm glad. It makes me feel like Heavenly Father is understanding our pain and he's sad too.

Because some days, we all have pain. Some little, some great. This has been a weekend of great pain for me.

The grayness outside makes me feel like its okay to be sad for a while.

But I know the sunny days will be coming again. No matter how long the rainy days last.

Monday, February 22, 2010 the making...Sackett

Here is our smallish boy who is kick kick kicking away right now! Oh how I love that feeling, even if it does get tedious after an hour of a party going on. But I still smile and poke back.

For those that are ultrasound retarded, such as myself, he is upside down in the above picture. Poor guy. His head is there on the bottom right, with his body curling up the right side, and his ridiculously long looking leg stretching out across the top. He is a full 12 cm long and 9 ounces.

Sorry for the nudie pic, but who could resist?? Immediately the tech told us, Ope, you've definitely got a boy! And he is not shy about it! If you're like me, you won't see the little boy part until about the 10th time looking at the picture.

Here's his little face looking at us. Kind of creepy in a cute sort of way. He looks like he's getting ready to punch me. Oh ya, I felt that.

And a close up of his profile with his little nose and lips.

I am so excited to be a mommy. I was a little unsure when we decided to go for it, but now I can't imagine not being pregnant and wanting to wait any longer. And I am so excited for Michael to be a daddy, because even though his family thinks it will be interesting, I know he's going to be an amazing father. Thank goodness I'm still skinny enough that he can already also feel the baby moving because I love the look he gets on his face. I thank Heavenly Father for sending me a little boy, because that is what I wanted (I'm afraid of raising a girl). But I hope for one of those someday too :) I can't wait til he gets here!